Steve Clapp

Steve Clapp

Steve and business associate Kyle Muehlstein started North American Toner in 2001, selling toner cartridges out of their homes to various businesses. Steve started his career 16 years earlier, however, as an auditor at Arthur Andersen, formerly one of the Big Eight accounting firms, in Tampa, Florida. From there he developed an interest in office equipment management and moved to internal audit, acquisitions, sales, and sales management at Danka Industries. Steve’s passion to provide an excellent working environment for employees and make a difference in the community led him to open his own business. By 2002, North American Toner was awarded a full line Konica Minolta dealership and has only continued to grow from there, now as North American Office Solutions.

Steve is originally from Decatur, Illinois. He is married with two children and is active in both his local Rotary club and church.