Hardware Refresh

Hardware RefreshIt seems like as soon as you make a decision about a critical piece of software, a newer version is released that would fit your needs that much better. The North American Office Solutions Hardware Refresh Program gives you the benefit of both worlds. Choose the hardware model that works best for you now but know that when a better model comes along that fits you needs better, we will be there for you.

Systems that are available in the Refresh Program include desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, firewalls, servers, and switches.


A firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing data. Firewalls come in the form of both hardware and software, both of which examine all incoming and outgoing messages and blocks those that do not comply with the current settings. NA Office Solutions offers the following firewall solutions:

  • Firewall system that is flexible enough not to interfere with daily business, but strong enough to prevent unauthorized intrusions
  • The most effective business-grade anti-malware system on the market
  • A secure mobile platform for tablet and mobile phone users
  • Deep Packet Inspection capabilities

Network Switches

SwitchesSwitches connect computers, printers, and servers throughout a company or campus and allow them to communicate to each other. Switches are more intelligent than hubs and can help to raise your profit margin, improve security and customer service, and increase productivity. NA Office Solutions offers two different options:

  • Managed switches are flexible and completely customizable. Network control is achieved by monitoring and adjusting switches locally or remotely.
  • Unmanaged switches work well right out of the box and don’t need to be configured. They have less network capacity than managed switches but are nearly foolproof to operate.


A server is a system that responds to requests from networked computers to provide network service. Servers can be run off of one or multiple machines. They provide essential daily software and backend operations inside a company, such as databases, file management, mail, print, and web services, as well as client-facing applications.

Using the correct firewall, network switch, and server for your company is essential to maintaining peak performance. Contact us today for more information and for help choosing the products that will best fit your needs.