Business Phone Systems

A traditional phone system is simple and reliable. But it can’t do much beyond helping people talk to each other over a dedicated line. VoIP gives businesses voice, video, text, and contacts management in a single user interface. Standard Internet technology takes much of the pain out of the setup and a suite of software tools creates an engaging user experience. Here’s a quick look at some of the advantages of VoIP:

  • Improved visibility for management; The best business VoIP systems tell managers where their workers are as long as they’re at work. They also allow employees to provide their preferred contact numbers so incoming calls always get routed to the right people. Tracking systems, meanwhile, provide performance metrics for contact center activities.
  • Integration with mobile devices VoIP systems brings mobile phones into the company phone network. Calls can be forwarded directly to cell phones and tablet computers can be integrated into a company’s communication workflow.
  • Centralized user interface with one vendor
  • A single company designs a uniform interface and keeps everybody’s phones, apps, and devices talking to each other. This saves a load of headaches for a company’s IT support staff.
  • A dedicated phone line wastes a lot of bandwidths when nobody’s talking on it. In contrast, VoIP lets phone calls share bandwidth with other data traveling on the Internet, which is far more efficient. That’s why VoIP customers typically can expect much lower monthly fees and forget about long-distance charges.

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