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Request a service callTo accomplish the growth that NAOS is experiencing, our copier and business machine service and support has to be both innovative and sincere. We provide top-notch solution management and support to each of our customers to ensure that they are as efficient as possible with their document creation and management.

Copier Repair Orlando

What your company can expect from NAOS:

  • Live Voice When You Call With this age in technology, sometimes too much is automated. At NAOS, we believe that people should talk to people, not computers. This is why we make sure that every time you call us you have a live voice to speak with and to answer your questions.

  • Wireless Meter Reading Technology It may sound complicated, but here is where technology really makes everyone’s lives easier. NAOS is the only Orlando and Central Florida company that provides Telemetric’s wireless meter reading technology. This system virtually eliminates any of your responsibility for gathering and reporting monthly meters on your equipment.

  • Preventative Check-Up’’s For each machine in which a service call is placed, NAOS proactively performs a preventative “Total Call Checkup” (click here to see) to ensure that every aspect of the machine is functioning properly and to the highest level of efficiency.

  • Quarterly Courtesy Calls On a quarterly basis, we proactively contact each of our copier customers to ensure that they are experiencing no problems, dilemmas, or malfunctions with any of the business machines that we support.

  • Performance Guarantee We hold ourselves to a strict financial accountability for each aspect of our business. The following are examples of our performance guarantee:
    • Each time we do not respond to a service call within 4 hours, we will proactively credit your account with $50.00 for each instance.
    • Each time we do not resolve a billing or accounting issue within 24 hours, we will proactively credit our account $50.00 for each instance.
    • Ongoing training and certification for all technicians.