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PrintersWith all of the printers on the market today, it can be difficult to know which equipment is right for you. North American Office Solutions can assist you in choosing which printer or printing system will allow your office to be most efficient, meet all of your business needs, and fit within your budget.

Some of the key questions to ask when you’re shopping for printer are:

  • What functional capabilities should the printer have?
  • Does it fit within my budget?
  • How much maintenance costs are associated with the printer?
  • Is the equipment well-reviewed?
  • Does the printer work with my current machine network?
  • Is the printer’s software easy to use and troubleshoot?

For assistance answering any of these questions, contact NA Office Solutions today.

If you have an existing printer fleet, consider investing in a printer assessment, where we will evaluate the current health of your system and make recommendations.

Printer management is another important aspect of maintaining a productive office environment. Managed print services monitor your fleet to identify current print production and health in order to maximize time and resource management.


Turning a hard copy into a digital file is an integral part of today’s information workflow. A high-quality scanner, which creates a perfect digital duplication of an image or text, is not only useful, it’s essential for fast, clear communication with customers as well as other employees.

Quality scanners have increased functionality to assist with day-to-day tasks, like scan to e-mail, scan to file, scan to optical character recognition (OCR), and scan to electronic document management system.

Scan to E-Mail
Waiting for a paper-based document, invoice, or payment is a thing of the past. Communication with clients and offices around the globe has never been easier than with this simple function. Scan to e-mail allows you to take a hard copy and digitize it in seconds, efficiently backing up and making documents portable all in one motion.

Scan to File
This simple function allows you to turn any paper-based document into usable electronic files that can be saved, and distributed at will.

Save to Optical Character Recognition Program
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you scan a document so that it is editable in a word processor, saving time and resources. Text, charts, tables, and graphs can all be edited, making it so you don’t have to duplicate effort…just content.

Scan to Electronic Document Management System
Electronic document management systems (EDMS) allow you to safely and securely scan documents and deliver them to select employees or customers. This type of scanning is revolutionizing the way business is conducted. It encourages collaboration while promoting secure storage and transfer of sensitive information.

North American Office Solutions can help you to get the most out of your scanners. Contact us today to find out how.

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