Document Management and Process Automation

Document ManagementInformation and document management are vital to a growing company. NA Office Solutions can help to improve digital information workflow management, thereby reducing process costs, liberating office space, and maximizing productivity.

Document management solutions allow you to capture, coordinate, and share digital documents with the click of a mouse. Digital copies are accessible online from anywhere, meaning employees never have to worry about forgetting paperwork at the office or losing them in the shuffle.

In addition to increasing efficiency and production, document management and process automation spells added security for your documents. All electronic documents are stored and backed-up in a secure location.

North American Office Solutions will help you to reduce costs and increase efficiency with workflow consultations, document management software, and hardware.

Workflow Consultations

We will apply our years of expertise to analyze your current document lifecycle process and make suggestions for how to make it more efficient. We focus on maintaining security while giving access to key members of staff.

Productivity is our number one priority when designing a new workflow system for your office. The process will focus on best practices for

  • Scanning and converting files
  • Distributing information
  • Indexing and storing files
  • Searching, and retrieving documents
  • Training staff members

Contact us today for more information about our workflow solutions, and document management software and hardware.

Document Management Software

North American Office Solutions recommends Laserfiche Document Imaging Software, a document management solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Going paperless is more than just a trend, it’s a necessity for running a business in today’s digital environment. With document management software, your paper documents are scanned and stored as a high-resolution image that can be searched and distributed as needed.

Laserfiche allows for easy sharing, viewing, and organizing for all members of your team.

Document Management Hardware

It’s likely that most of the hardware your business needs to go digital is already in your office. All you need is a scanner and computer. Having the right scanner and computer for the job, though, will make the process much easier.

With solid hardware solutions from Konica Minolta, Canon, OKI and Hewlett-Packard, we can analyze your current office hardware and recommend which products will best fit your needs.

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