Setting The Gold Standard


Awarded Top 100 Copier Dealers in the US


In the Beginning. . .

North American Office Solutions was founded in March 2001 in the homes of Steve Clapp and Kyle Muehlstein. We have grown into the largest independently owned office equipment dealer headquartered in Orlando. We have been blessed by this growth by assembling a team of professionals dedicated to providing gold standard service to our clients.


We have built our Company around a culture which we are passionate about. First of all, our Company is proud to exhibit and practice Christian morals and values. We expect a lot from our team members and in return, they have the right to expect a lot from the Company. We are ethical and honest, and operate in a “family atmosphere”. We have a philosophy that all of our policies and procedures are “the best in the industry” and if they are not, we need to change them.

Why Do We Exist??

North American Office Solutions exists for one and only one purpose:

“To build loyal customer and employee relationships by serving our customers and treating our employees better than anyone in our industry. We will also focus on making a difference in the community in which we live by serving our community with our time and resources.” 

Company / Employee Relationships

We have been awarded 2018 Best Places to Work by Orlando Business Journal.

  • We give team members annual reviews and raises.
  • We give our employees their birthday off with pay.
  • We have a 401k matching program.
  • We give a $1,000 bonus on our employee’s 10 year anniversary.
  • We give a $500 bonus for employee referrals.
  • We have an annual Company Beach trip opportunity for all employees and guest.
  • We hold Company-wide bi-weekly meetings to discuss the direction of the company.
  • We end all company meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • We provide Company uniforms and tools.
  • We have an open door policy to approach the owners.
  • We take employee input into consideration for company policy changes.
  • We recognize the expression for freedom of religion.
  • We give a $250 bonus for perfect attendance.
  • We contribute to employee’s health insurance plan.
  • We offer a clean and safe environment.
  • We have an employee of the year recognition rewarded with cash and a weekend at a luxury resort.

Dress Appearance

  • We expect employees to dress neat and clean with pressed clothes.
  • The Company issues uniforms to all field employees.
  • We expect employees to be properly groomed.

Phone Etiquette

  • We will always answer your call with a smile.
  • You will always speak with a live person.
  • Your call will be answered by the third ring.
  • You will always be addressed as “Sir “and “Ma’am”.

Team Member Relationships

  • We treat all of our team members with respect.
  • Everyone on our team is equal in value to our team.
  • Gossip is prohibited.

Product Selection and Evaluation

  • We will constantly evaluate our product offerings and only provide “best in class” products.
  • We will strive to better our service every day by adjusting to our client’s changing needs.

Community Support

  • Part of the reason we are in business is to serve our community.
  • Each quarter we will select a not-for-profit organization to support. We will have 100% volunteer participation (during business hours) and we will donate $1,000 and a copier to that organization.

Client Quality Control Procedures


  • A sticker displaying our CEO’s name and phone number is placed on every machine.
  • After every service call, we survey our customers with the results sent to the CEO.
  • After each installation we call our customers to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Our Service Technicians keep the same servicing territory.
  • Our Service Technicians routinely conduct customer courtesy calls.
  • Sales Representatives perform account reviews every 90 days.
  • We randomly call 30 customers each month to: (1) check to see if there is anything we can do; (2) inquire of any service issues; and (3) invite them to visit NAOS.


  • Our Service Manager performs two field evaluations per technician per month.
  • Technicians are evaluated and stack ranked monthly on First Call Efficiency. The bottom third will receive additional training.

Dispatch Procedures

  • You will be greeted by a live person and we will answer your call within three rings or less.
  • You have the ability to place service calls electronically.
  • All clients will be addressed as Sir or Ma’am.
  • Within 1 hour of placing your call, our goal is to return your call with an ETA of your Service Technician.
  • When service calls are placed, an auto text is electronically sent to the Service Technician.

Service Call Procedures

  • Service Technicians sign in at the front desk.
  • Service Technicians perform a 23 count “Total Call Procedure” on EVERY service call.
  • Service Technicians check out with the person who placed the call and leaves a completed “Total Call Procedure” checklist.
  • We respond within 4 hours or issue you a $50 credit.

Vendor Interactions

  • We will treat all vendors with respect.
  • We are loyal to the vendors that take care of our needs.
  • We will expect a good product at a fair price.

Employee Selection Process

  • We select, not hire for our team.
  • We will seek the best possible candidate for every position.
  • We will not settle on hiring mediocre employees.

Billing Issue Resolution

  • We ensure accurate/correct meter readings with electronic meter collection.
  • Once notified of a complaint, we immediately contact our customer.

Sales Calls

  • Our sales representatives will be early for every appointment.
  • Our sales team places integrity as its highest level attribute.
  • We will always listen to your needs and sell you what you need, not what we want you to buy.
  • You will be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • You will receive an outstanding product or service at a fair price.

Delivery & Install Procedures

  • Clients are called one day in advance with an estimated time of arrival prior to delivery.
  • Clients are called by our driver when they are en-route to your delivery.
  • Solutions Consultant will visit client upon delivery.
  • Drivers complete an install checklist to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.
  • Customers are called the next day to make sure their delivery expectations were exceeded.