Copier Repair


Copiers and multifunction printers are essential to your company’s productivity. When you experience technical problems, North American Office Solutions is your solution for fast, thorough, and trustworthy repair service. Our factory-trained technicians are certified in Konica Minolta, HP, OKI and Canon machines. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle any problem, no matter how large or small.

North American Office Solution’s award-winning Gold Standard Service offers the best customer service in the industry. Our Total Call Procedure will ensure that you receive prompt service that exceeds your expectations. Contact North American Office Solutions today for more information about our Gold Standard Service or to schedule a service call.


Does North American Office Solutions service my area?

NA Office Solutions services businesses throughout Central Florida and provides nationwide support with our manufacturer certified partners Call us today or submit an online service request to confirm specific service areas.

How do I schedule an appointment for copier repair?

Submit a service request via our online service request form or call NAOS. If you’re a current client, log in to our Client Portal.

What is included in a service visit?

Our service includes a Trained Technician to repair your equipment and provide Total Call Procedure.

How much does repair service cost?

Once our technician evaluates your copier repair, he will give you an estimate in writing for the work that needs to be completed.

DIY copier repairs

Paper jam

Paper jams are the most common copier issue. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the jam. The trick is to be gentle so that no bits of paper remain stuck in the machine. Look for levers to push, pull, or move parts of the copier so that you can more easily remove the stuck paper.

Once you remove the jammed paper, inspect the paper stack for bent or wavy pages. Also, ensure that the amount of paper does not exceed the paper height mark. If you still encounter issues, clean the paper roller of dust and toner residue with a water damp lint-free cloth. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning agents.

No power

If your copier does not seem to have power, check that the power cable is plugged in both at the wall and in the back of the copier. If the copier still will not turn on, check the wall outlet by plugging in something that you know works, such as a lamp. Power filter is recommended to prevent damage to your equipment caused by electrical failure

Poor copy quality

Copies that are too light, too dark, lined, or spotted are common problems. To ensure that the copies are the highest quality possible, do not make copies of copies but start with a freshly printed sheet.

If the paper being copied is clean, start by cleaning the platen glass and the slit glass next to the platen glass. Clean the glass with a soft, lint-free cloth damp with water. Don’t use a tissue, which can leave residue, or use harsh multipurpose cleaners. If water doesn’t do the trick, use a small amount of glass cleaner.

Poor printing quality

If pages that are sent directly from a printer are displaying scratches or spots, the drum or fuser roller inside the copier may have scratches or nicks. Check the user’s manual of your equipment to determine if you can remove the drum cartridge and/or fuser roller to inspect them for damage. If they are damaged, you may probably be able to order the part and replace it yourself.

If you have any questions about your current copier Please call us for a free consultation.