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Keys to Effective CommunicationWe are in the people business! Like it or not this is a reality for each of us. We, therefore, must communicate effectively with those around us. Supervisors, team members, clients, and customers will all be impacted by our words. Effective communications is a learned skill and the truth is we all can become better communicators.
I have listed what I have found to essentials for effective communication. We all should filter our message through the following questions:
1. Is it Clear?– We should always be clear about our purpose and never assume our audience will “ read between the lines.” We might get only one chance to communicate and should make the most of it.
2. Is it Concise?-Stick to the point and be thorough but brief. Prepare what you are going to say before you actually say it! It makes for a much more Concise presentation. Don’t be afraid of silent or quiet moments.
3. Is it Complete?– Does my audience fully understand what I am trying to communicate? Does my message have a clear call to action? Have I included all the relevant information? (Names, dates, locations etc.)
4. Is it Courteous?– Is my message friendly, open and honest? We all should avoid “hidden messages” in our communication. Keep in mind that people really do differ and that our message should be appropriate and suited to the audience at hand.
5. Is it Credible? – Does my message improve my believability with the recipient? Remember, trust is the basis of any healthy relationship.
6. Is it Congruent?– Do my words and actions align? These 6 keys are essentials to healthy and effective communication. If followed they will make a difference in everything we say and write.
It is imperative that all of us at North American become effective communicators! If you would like to talk or set an appointment, email me at: or call/text at: (407) 484-8650
Mark Matheson
August 1, 2017
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